Heidi Conley

Heidi Conley can make it believable! She is an artists first,and a colorist second. Dedicated to the art of Balayage. Heidi’s Passion for style and creativity has kept her in the industry for 20 years.

She is current with the latest techniques though on going training at the L’Oreal and Nick Arrojo academies in NYC. Heidi most famous for ….flirty multi-level toning. She is always excited to work with a client in finding a look that fits their appearance and lifestyle. Wear the hair, don’t let the hair wear you!

What is Balayage?….It’s a French word “sweeping”. hand painted toning technique designed to create dimension and contrast to your hair, while minimizing regrowth.
Believe it ….. And I can make it happen! Excited to bring Nick Arrojo”American wave” Sexy textured hair style to the seacoast.

My signature look—natural looking color tones.

My clients — are my greatest collaborators! The relationship I develop with my clients and colleagues power my creative development in the beauty industry.

My inspiration — comes from the world around me. Fashion & beauty in synch with the vibrancy of nature.

My work is my Art. Art is beauty. Beauty is everywhere.