Amanda Bouchard

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Owner, Sahag dry cut specialist, Brazillian blow-out expertise, Dimensional hair color

amanda“Give a person the right hairstyle, they will conquer the world.” Sixteen years in the business – ten of those years owning her own salon, Amanda shows a strong passion about her work. Specializing in the Sahag dry cut, she shows nothing but perfection. Extensions, along with wedding/special occasion styles are also some of Amanda’s favorites! “Being a great hairdresser is not only about the hair it’s about the experience of your clients.”

Hair Mantra- “Your hairstyle is what helps you be you.”

Signature look- Flirty and sleek with beautiful tones.

My Clients- Always come in knowing I am ready to add a little more spark to their hair than their last appointment!

Work Perks- Being the owner but also being part of our great team!

Where I Find Inspiration- I am actually always searching the web and especially Pinterest for new and fun cuts and colors!

Personal Style- Bright colored tops with a pair of cute jeans and pumps are my usual go to!

In My Free Time- I have my hands full with my three super cool boys but I still have my girly ways with shopping and seeking out new styles!